Advantages of Anti-Glare Downlights

September 17,2022

When decorating indoors, many people will choose anti-glare downlights. So what are its advantages? Let's discuss it together


Embedding & Surface-mounted, which LED Downlight should We Choose?

September 01,2022

Downlights can be installed in two different ways - surface mounted and embedded. You can choose the them according to your specific ceiling and floor height.


How to Choose Surface Mounted Downlights?

August 17,2022

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Does Lights Or Downlights Save Energy

August 02,2022

Although there are many types of lights, I will decide according to the style you like when you choose. Some people will choose according to the aspect of power saving, try to buy some more power-saving ones. All come to use, then, first of all, let's take a look at the power consumption of light strips or downlights?


Advantages of Fireproof Downlights  

July 06,2022

Now the requirements for home fire safety are getting higher and higher. For some users who have high-quality pursuit of home life, there will also be higher options in choosing downlights. For example, some fireproof downlights currently on the market have attracted the attention of many users. Because of their different characteristics, fireproof downlights can become the choice of more users.


History and Customs of All-round Popular Science Independence Day

July 04,2022

July 4 is independence day in the United States. It is also one of the most important legal holidays in the United States. People generally call it the 4th of July.


Difference Between Spotlight and Downlight

June 17,2022

Tips: spotlights can be divided into track type, hanging point type, embedded type, etc. Spotlights usually have transformers, but there are also no transformers. Spotlights in the ceiling can be installed indoors. Spotlights are mainly used in places that need to be emphasized, such as TV walls, hanging pictures, accessories, etc., to enhance the lighting effect.


What are the Characteristics of Waterproof LED Downlight?

June 06,2022

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How Do Downlights Emit Light?

May 20,2022

The reason why the downlight is luminous is naturally due to its principle, what is the principle of downlight? Today we will explore it.


What are the Applicable Spaces of Downlight and Spotlight?

May 06,2022

Downlights and spotlights are commonly used in interior decoration. What are the applicable spaces of downlights and spotlights? Next, let's talk about it.